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In 1995 several officers expressed interest in a bicycle patrol program, as a result the Mammoth Lakes Police Department’s Mountain Bicycle Program was born.

Officers currently assigned to the program must pass a physical agility course and a 16-hour basic training course. The program is open to all of the officers and sergeants of the police department who express interest and pass the courses.

Due to weather and seasonal restrictions, our program is run on a part-time basis, largely during the summer months. Members who wish to ride bicycles on daily patrol duty may do so at the Watch Commander's discretion.

The Mammoth Lakes Police Department’s Bicycle Patrol Program was created to enhance the quality of life in the area, augment patrol functions and further our commitment to the (P.A.C.T.) Police and Community Together philosophy. Taking officers out of patrol cars and placing them on bicycles allows the public an opportunity to interact with the officers on a more personal basis. In addition, officers on bicycles can access areas that are not routinely patrolled by officers in cars.  The bicycles are also effective at special events, like the Fourth of July Parade and Jazz Jubilee, to move officers into and around large crowds.

Currently the Mammoth Lakes Police Department utilizes two Cannondale full suspension mountain bicycles. The bicycles are equipped with red lights and sirens, clipless pedals and patrol racks with bags to carry equipment. Officers who participate in the program wear special uniforms consisting of bicycle pants or shorts, polo style shirts and nylon duty belts.