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Mono County Narcotic Enforcement Team (MONET) is a local drug task force that is comprised of members of the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Mono County Sheriff’s Office and the Mono County District Attorney’s Office. Two Mammoth Lakes Police Officers are assigned to this task force. They work throughout Mono County including the community of Mammoth Lakes enforcing narcotic laws. Members of this team file criminal cases against drug offenders, conduct surveillance and probation searches and serve search warrants on locations that are believed to be involved in illegal narcotic related activities. MONET investigates everything from street level narcotic sales to large scale multi-million dollar marijuana cultivation operations.

MONET has seized several vehicles and other personal items from drug dealers through the asset forfeiture process. They participate in various public presentations at schools, service clubs and community groups.

Should you suspect someone within the community of Mammoth Lakes or Mono County of selling or buying drugs, contact MONET at (760) 924-1710 or call the Mammoth Lakes PD Tip Line at (760) 934-3261 and leave a message. It is very helpful if you are willing to leave your name and number, however it is not mandatory. Please make sure to leave as much information as you may have regarding the activity you are reporting, who you feel may be involved, and why you have come to this conclusion.

The members of this team are committed to proactively identifying, arresting and prosecuting narcotic violators and the assistance of citizens throughout the county is critical to their overall effectiveness.